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L1OP Outdoor Pursuits 

Rock climbing term one (5 weeks)

Within this unit topic, students will be introduced to the fundamentals, history of rock-climbing and also the differing views of rock-climbing within society. They will experience top rope climbing and abseiling while at school and within the West Wanaka area. During this unit, students will be taught knowledge and use of equipment to facilitate group and individual safety.

This will require in class learning, climbing sessions in the ECR and climbing and abseiling within an outdoor context.

In addition, students will be taught about the different perceptions of risk and issues, which relate to climbing in environments that are valued by other users.

Achievement objectives:

US 444       Demonstrate basic rock climbing movement

    • Demonstrate spotting techniques.
    • Demonstrate climbing techniques.
    • Identify issues related to climbing.

US 20152   Experience and complete abseiling sessions.

    •  Experience and complete abseiling sessions.

US 20157   Demonstrate the use of basic rope systems for top rope rock climbing and abseiling.

    • Demonstrate the care and use of rock climbing gear.
    • Demonstrate belay and knot skills on top rope climbs.
    • Complete self-protected abseils.
US 20210   Experience rock climbing.
    • Identify equipment and access issues for rock climbing.
    • Participate in rock climbing sessions.
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