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L1OP Outdoor Pursuits


Unit topic four: Navigation, Tramping and Orienteering; term two (3-4 weeks)

Within this unit topic, students will be introduced to basic navigation through the use of maps, bush skills, hut etiquette and how to prepare and participate positively during an overnight trip.
This will require an introduction to map reading & interpretation of features and use of a compass; Equipment and cooking; Group management. The use of the coordinates systems will be taught and how to convert between them. Students will also build their own orienteering courses for each student to participate and complete a variety of courses from around Wanaka.

Achievement objectives

US20141    Complete beginner orienteering courses
Orientate the map.
Relate map to ground features and ground to map features.
Demonstrate responsible environment and safety practices.

AS90968    Demonstrate, and show understanding of, responsible behaviour for safety during outdoor education                               activities.
Investigate where we are going and what is required to complete the chosen tramp.
Identify the importance of correct gear for the type of tramp, time of year and forecasted weather.
Create a food list and menu that incorporates good food for tramping.
Demonstrate use of maps and basic Navigation skills.
Demonstrate "Managing Self" while tramping: Camp cooking, Correct gear 
use, Hut use.
Identify what it means to be part of a tramping party from helping others to 
relying on them for survival.
Identify our use of this area and our views of different uses of this 
environment. e.g Recreation, Conservation, Hunting, Farming.
Complete an overnight tramp to a hut within the Wanaka area.

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