L2OP Outdoor Pursuits


The OP Challenge Course is open to any Year 12 or 13 student and you do not need to have any previous outdoor experience to do this course. The activities are suitable for students of any ability level yet offer scope to challenge each individual.

Learning takes place through a mixture of theory and practical instruction sessions, classroom discussion and activity reviews. One afternoon per week is allocated to practical lessons.

The course themes of teamwork, personal challenge, self- responsibility, communication skills and goal setting are all introduced and reinforced through each activity. Each experience is reviewed to enable transference of learning back into future activities, or to other aspects of school life.

There are no formal prerequisites. All activities are structured to allow you to learn everything from scratch. If you do have previous experience you will have an opportunity to take more responsibility for helping the group. Activities can be differentiated to allow each student to be challenged at the level that suits them.

This course can benefit students who are interested in a career in adventure tourism and outdoor instructing.This course is internally assessed with Unit Standards at Level 2 and 3 and Achievement Standards at Level 2.

Course Outline

The Level 2 Outdoor Pursuits course is intended to introduce students to a wide variety of practical outdoor pursuit activities. The course is framed around the various pursuit activities. Each of these is taught for a block of time, anything from 3 – 9 weeks.

The core components of the course are:

  • Kayaking: kayaking on Grade 2 Whitewater
  • Canoeing: Canoeing on Grade 2 Whitewater
  • Rock Climbing: Skills on Natural Rock
  • Mountain biking: planning trips and riding single track
  • Tramping: bushwalking skills
  • Risk Management: safety on a physical activity
  • Alpine skills: Build and sleep in a snow shelter
  • Snowsports: Skiing or snowboarding


The course is based on assessment in a selection of Unit and Achievement Standards. All Standards are internally assessed.

MAC Assessment and Reporting Policies and Procedures are applicable to Level 2 Outdoor Pursuits assessments.

NCEA and University Entrance

The course can contribute credits towards NCEA Level 2 and 3. Credits obtained in any single domain (eg Rock Climbing) can be counted towards University Entrance. Each of the Pursuits falls under its own Domain. Please consult staff for further explanation.

Assessment Methods

For all standards the majority of assessment tasks are assessed in a practical setting. In many cases there may only be a solitary opportunity for students to demonstrate competence in a task. There is no guarantee of a reassessment opportunity in this case. For this reason it is imperative that students attend all practical sessions.

The assessment for snowsports takes place as a practical test on the skifield. There will only be one opportunity to do this test.

Evidence for assessment is typically collected from tasks completed over a number of weeks. In some scenarios it is not possible to complete all tasks in the lessons available (such as if weather events cause cancellations). Every endeavor will be made to offer sufficient assessment opportunities. For this reason some assessments may not be able to be fully completed until Term 4.

Rules and Regulations

The MAC NCEA Student Handbook outlines the expectations in relation to student work.

There may be situations where you may miss a practical assessment for legitimate reasons. In that situation if it is possible to reschedule assessment, every effort will be made to do so, although it may not always be possible.

If an assessment is missed and the reason is not legitimate the student will score a “not achieved”.

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