L2OP Outdoor Pursuits

Unit topic: Kayaking

Students will be introduced to the sport of white water kayaking. Students will start with learning about the basics of clothing and equipment, paddle and rescue technique on flatwater. The main focus for the rest of the unit is kayaking in moving water, progressing to longer river trips, working on more rescue techniques and learning how a group works together.

Students credited with this unit standard are able to demonstrate: kayaking on Grade II whitewater; kayaking river rescues on Grade II whitewater as a rescuee; river reading skills on Grade II whitewater; and an understanding for the care of self, others and the environment. 

Achievement objectives

  • Show background knowledge required to kayak Grade II whitewater
  • Demonstrate kayaking skills on Grade II water 
  • Scout and paddle a Grade II rapid
  • Demonstrate kayak rescues as a rescuee