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Unit topic: Avalanche Awareness

This topic will introduce the students to knowledge surrounding avalanches, making good decisions and demonstrating companion rescue techniques. Student can elect to participate in a full day Avalanche Awareness Course run by the Mountain Safety Council within the ski area boundary of Treble Cone.

Students credited with this unit standard are able to demonstrate knowledge of avalanche phenomena, potential avalanche terrain, and factors that can create or trigger avalanches.

This unit standard may be of interest to people working at a snowsport or mountain area or who move around the mountain environment. 

Achievement Objectives

  • Identify the core principles of pre-trip planning. 
  • Identify avalanche terrain and avalanche types. 
  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of risk management and route decision making through 
  • awareness of avalanche hazards including snowpack and weather conditions, terrain factors and human factors. 
  • Participate in a companion rescue.


We will be completing an Avalanche Awareness Course based within the Treble Cone Ski area.

This course is for our L3OP students and gives an introduction to Avalanche safety, safe terrain travel, companion rescue.

Course 1: Week 1: Friday evening 7pm @ school 24/07 - field day @ TC Saturday 25/07 9am - 4pm

Course 2: Week 2: Friday evening 7pm @ school 31/07 - field day @ TC Sunday 2/08 9am - 4pm

Online Learning

  1. Firstly Click on the MSC Avalanche centre link below to complete the online Avalanche Course.http://www.avalanche.net.nz/education/Online-Avalanche-Course/Intro.asp
  2. Secondly Click on the Ortovox Safety Academy Lab Avalanche centre link below to complete their online Avalanche Course.