L3OP Outdoor Pursuits


To lead others you first must be able to lead yourself

Unit topic: Kayaking; term one

Our first unit of the leadership course, students will learn aspects of becoming an independent kayaker on Grade 2 white water. They will develop good boat control, an ability to scout sections, make decisions about group management. Student will also develop rescue techniques to aid their fellow student while participating in a river trip.

This assessment will requires students to plan a grade II white water trip; demonstrate familiarity with kayak equipment; demonstrate independent kayaking skills and river rescue skills on grade II white water; and demonstrate an understanding of river management strategies for care of self, others and the environment.

Achievement Objectives


  • At the end of this unit, students should be able to:
  • Demonstrate familiarity with kayaking equipment and its use independently.
  • Work as a group to secure kayak and gear for transporting safely on vehicles and/or trailers.
  • Demonstrate skills for independent kayaking on Grade II whitewater;
  • Completes: Ferry gliding in grade 2 water with no loss of angle and a consistent rail.
  • Able to identify river features and select lines, which suites the kayak group and manages safety and provide rescues if require.
  • Able to apply different river running techniques.
  • Demonstrate effective communication on river.
  • Demonstrates Eddy turns in grade 2 water with effective use of angle, speed and edge to enter / leave small and large eddies with strong eddy lines. Also with consistent use of torso rotation and maintains good control of edge. Eddy is entered with good speed right across the eddy line. 
  • Demonstrates the hanging stern draw to cross river flow.
  • Rapid running in grade 2 water by being able to make a range of controlled moves in grade 2 rapids. Is able to catch most eddies accurately, and positions self to get best vantage to scout approaching features and able to surf easy waves.
  • Is able to show whitewater safety and rescue skills by consistently able to be an effective rescuer. Is able to position self in places to be effective rescuer. Uses a range of rescue skills.
  • Roll consistently (4 out of 5) in Grade 2 whitewater on preferred side.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of rolling techniques are described.

Key Leadership outcomes

  • Kayaking group will work together to create internal leadership through decision making regarding safety and making decisions about river running