L3OP Outdoor Pursuits


To lead others you first must be able to lead yourself

Unit topic: Kayaking; term one

Our first unit of the leadership course, students will learn aspects of becoming an independent kayaker on Grade 2 white water. They will develop good boat control, an ability to scout sections, make decisions about group management. Student will also develop rescue techniques to aid their fellow student while participating in a river trip.

This assessment will requires students to plan a grade II white water trip; demonstrate familiarity with kayak equipment; demonstrate independent kayaking skills and river rescue skills on grade II white water; and demonstrate an understanding of river management strategies for care of self, others and the environment.

Achievement Objectives

  • Plan a river trip
  • Discuss river safety
  • Get ready to go kayaking
  • Demonstrate kayaking skills
  • Scout and paddle a rapid
  • Rescue a swimmer and gear
  • River crossing
  • Retrieve a trapped boat