L3OP Outdoor Pursuits


To lead others you first must be able to lead yourself

Unit topic: Leadership; term two

Over the first half of the leadership course, students will learn aspects of leadership through our kayaking and rock climbing units.

This assessment will require students to plan and run a recreation activity for a group of younger students. It will require the level 3 OP students to develop an activity with many of the principles of leadership, which they have discovered during the early pursuits they have participated in.

The recreation activity they develop will need to be approved by their Outdoor Pursuits teachers and include a risk management component.

Their activity will run for no longer than 90 minutes and facilitate no more than 30 participants.

Achievement Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic risk management concepts for introductory outdoor recreation activities.
  • Develop and document an activity session plan for a recreation activity and write a risk management plan for a chosen outdoor recreation activity.
  • Run a recreation activity.
  • Evaluate a recreation activity.