L3OP Outdoor Pursuits

To lead others you first must be able to lead yourself

Unit topic: Rock Climbing; term one & two

Achievement Objectives

US 20149 Demonstrate lead climbing on bolted rock climbs l3, c3, v3 

  • Lead climb on single-pitch rock climbing routes with bolts and in-situ anchors.
  • Demonstrate descent techniques.
  • Belay a climber leading on bolts.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of equipment used for lead climbing on bolts.
  • Demonstrate safe practices during lead climbing sessions.

Physical Education 3.4 AS90742 L3, V2, C4: Perform a physical activity to nationally developed performance standards: Rock Climbing.
  • This achievement standard requires performing a physical activity, in an applied setting, to nationally developed performance standards measured with the following criteria:
  • Belaying Technique
  • Safety Checks and Communication
  • Movement Skill & Technique
  • Lead climb difficulty