Scholarship Information:

Over four Sundays, Treble Cone has provided 6 placements for students who are looking at sitting their NZSIA Stage 1 Ski instructors Certificate and would like to gain experience in observing ski instruction. All students who are part of MAC OP Level 2 and 3 are able to apply. All applications will be reviewed based on the students character, availability, ski ability, motivation to sit their NZSIA Ski instructors stage 1 certificate at a later date.

  • This would include the students being part of the morning ski school briefing and professional development sessions before lessons start. 
  • This would include the students shadowing an instructor who instructs a riders & sliders morning lesson on a Sunday. 
  • The student would gain valuable experience on the progressions of ski instruction that they would later be assessed on during an NZSIA ski exam. 
  • These would start: Sunday 11th August and carry through to Sunday 1st September (4 sessions). 
  • This opportunity would help students to get ready for the NZSIA Ski instructors stage 1 cert., but does not include an NZSIA exam. This is independent from the MAC and treble cone programs. Information regarding registration, exam dates, pricing and content are available via the NZSIA web site:
  • Students will have to make their own way to and from Treble Cone, be self sufficient and complete all four sessions. As a parent you would have to be comfortable with this. 
  • Please download and sign the form, then return it AND the student application form to the OP Department by Friday 9th August. 


If you have any questions please contact Luke Faed: