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Year 9 Camp 2018 - Tititea Lodge

Tititea Lodge Mt Aspiring

Cameron Flat carpark for pickups

Tititea Lodge

Camp information


To develop skills and knowledge to aid the transition from Year 8 camp to Year 10, through increasing student's independence in the outdoors

Student activities and outcomes

  1. Biological study - increased awareness of the environment
  2. River crossing / activities - promoting river safety and teamwork
  3. Camping and lodge skills - looking after self, 'space' and others in the outdoors
  4. Camp preparation - outdoor organisational skills (medical, weather, equipment and individual mindsets / attitudes)
  5. Problem based activities and projects - developing problem solving and team working skills

Camp Values

In line with Mt Aspiring College's values around Self, Others, Attitude and Respect (SOAR).
Also to enjoy each others company and have a fun time in a fantastic outdoor setting.

Significant dates and school staffing

 Yr 9 Class  Camp dates Staff members
 19 - 21 March
 Euan Simpson, Katrina Johnstone, Deb McMillan
 BD 21 - 23 March
 Michelle Suddaby, Hamish Crosbie
 SF 27 - 29 March Katrina Johnstone, Roy Gawn
 TC 04 - 06 April Michelle Suddaby, Chris Waugh
 CD 09 - 11 April Kris Logan, Pete Smalley

A qualified and experienced outdoor instructor will be working with each class whilst they are on camp.

All classes to meet at 08:30 on the day of departure at the Outdoor Pursuits building for final camp preparation.