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Year 10 Camp


Students to complete an expedition or exploration based within the outdoors.
Culminate skills they have learnt so far.
End of middle school - graduate to senior school.
Students select a pre-designated adventurous journey, which can be expedition or exploration.
Up to 1 week at end Term 4
Journeys planned by trip leaders, staff AND students.

Benefit to the student:

Goal setting and planning.
Work as a member of a team and respond to a challenge
Develop self-reliance
Develop leadership skills
Recognise the needs and strengths of others to make decisions and accept the consequences
Plan and execute a task
Reflect on a personal performance
Enjoy and appreciate the outdoors
Practice for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze or Silver Expeditions depending on the camp chosen by the student.


Can be expedition or exploration
Up to 4 days at end Term 4
1 day afterwards for clean up, debrief, collect reports, present something about your camp.
Journeys planned by trip staff and students.
Application of skills students have learnt during their time doing outdoor education at MAC.

There are two types of camps:

Expedition - A journey with a purpose from A to B. These trip will require a greater level of fitness, challenge and participation.
These trips include:

Trip 3: The Kepler Track 
Trip 4: Stewart Island Masons Bay
Trip 7: Rakiura Track and surf trip.

Exploration - This involves some journeying, but the group will explore an area and complete an overnight tramp during the exploration.
These trips include:

Trip 1: The Gunns Camp
Trip 5: The Mt. Cook Explorer Camp
Trip 6: Welcome Flat Tramp
Trip 8: Curio Bay Surf Camp.

Planning with the students:

We are wanting to have time with each group prepare them and engage them in the planning.
Planning starts with developing the trip agenda, food lists gear.
Invoices are sent out to parents, payable by the start of term 4.
Risk management completed with help from OP staff.
Written consents need to be in and signed by parents before any practical training is done in term 4.